Idea Shower

Posted on November 1, 2013

Do you have a novel idea for a mobile app? Here is a way to express to the world about it.

Idea Shower is our way of reaching out to individuals, companies, and the academic world to get their ideas on innovative mobile apps. This is also a system to make that cooperation happen.

There are two ways for you to benefit from this application:

1. You can propose potential solutions to very specific current needs, or suggest fun / entertaining ideas that can be offered in a mobile application. You can also mention if you need help with any particular department to make this idea a reality.

2. You can browse ideas and offer your expertise to the apps you are interested in.

P.S: Kindly make sure that you only tell out the crux of the idea in 180 characters. We’ve set up Idea Shower in such a way that your submission of the idea is on a non-confidential basis.